Late Gagan's mother found it tough to deal with her son's sudden demise

Late Gagan Kang’s mother passes away

Our TV and films often show tragedies but since it is reel,  the moment cut is called or show ends, actors and viewers can get back to normal life, respectively.  But reality is a different  kettle of fish. Once you lose someone close, your entire life hits despair. You are unable to cope with the loss, especially if it is sudden and someone who you have all the hopes  from. It is said that moment you take away hope, you take away his/her zest  to life.

Something similar has happened to deceased TV actor Gagan Kang’s (Mahakali)  mother Vijaylakshmi,  who too passed away yesterday.  Vijaylakshmi could not cope with the sudden loss of her son in a car crash in August last year.  Those who were present at Kang’s funeral had  also told us back then that she was unable to cry which is a very important coping tool.

Many would be aware that TV actors Gagan and Arjit Lavania died after meeting with an unfortunate road accident. (Read here: Mahakali TV actors Gagan Kang and Arjit Lavania dead in car accident).

A source further adds: “Widow Mrs. Kang was very close to 38 year old Gagan and both were each  other’s support system. He really loved his mother and would always keep her health in check.  The two would live in a Malad high rise and people who knew her called her a very happy go lucky lady,  till’s  Gagan’s sudden expiry.”

The source further added Mrs Kang soon fell into depression causing medical complications leading to her sad passing away.

Mrs. Kang’s other son Dev told us, “My wife and I had been trying to give the best of medical help for my mother. But her condition did not get better. She could not get back to normalcy post the death of Gagan.”

We hope that both Gagan and his mother are now in a better place.

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