It would have been better if TV actors had made it for Gagan’s funeral rather than just tweeting condolences – Suyyash Rai | IWMBuzz

Suyyash Rai, the sole top-listed actor to make it to Gagan Kang’s funeral feels sad about the fact that no other actor made it to the funeral.

It would have been better if TV actors had made it for Gagan’s funeral rather than just tweeting condolences – Suyyash Rai

Suyyash Rai was the only A top ranking actor who turned up at the funeral (20/8/2017) of TV actor Gagan Kang (Mahakaali) who passed away on Saturday in a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Mumbai. The car crash also saw the sad demise of TV actor Arjit Lavania and a unit member of the show Mahakaali, where all the three were working for the moment.

We spoke to the visibly moved Suyyash today who said, “I knew Gagan for a while, in fact he was dating the sister of my US based friend. The couple was about to get married.”

“I was in Goa shooting for my music video but could not continue as I was too hurt by the news. So I rushed back, went to the funeral as my friend is not in India and I felt responsible towards his sister.”

“I did not plan to stay for long but when I saw the condition of Gagan’s mother and my friend’s sister, I just could not move, and stayed on right till the end. The scene was tragic beyond words. Gagan’s body was in a very bad shape and we only showed it to the mother as she was adamant to see her son for the last time. Must admit, she maintained a dignified silence at this heart stopping moment. Gagan’s elder brother performed the last rites,” said Suyyash with a lump in his throat.

According to Suyyash, Gagan was a very sweet and sorted guy. He would not drink much and would not have more than a peg if he had to work or drive the next day. He also would work out regularly at the gym. Talking about went wrong, he said, “Gagan had just one bad habit of speeding; in fact when he left the set that fateful morning, some one had warned him to be careful. An eyewitness at the site said that it appeared that Gagan was whizzing past at least 150 KPH when he lost control of his car and weared off the highway before crashing into a stationery trailer which was parked on the adjacent service road. This incident has shaken me completely and I hope we all learn a lesson and don’t speed at lest for the sake of our near and dear ones.”

Here Suyyash added that we should not forget the other unfortunate victims of the above crash crash as well. “Just spare a thought for the family of actor Arjit Lavania as well. His folks had come down to Mumbai to surprise him on his birthday which falls on 24 of this month. His mother was wailing very loudly at the hospital and all that the father could say was that I wanted to surprise him on his birthday and he gave us his death day.”

When asked about the absence of other TV biggies at yesterday’s funeral, Suyyash quipped, “What can I say, it all boils down to your equations with the deceased. Ideally, it would have been better to come down to the funeral to pay your last respects rather than just tweet about it. Sadly though, today social media has become a medium to express our feelings, so I don’t want to say much more as it would be inappropriate.”

A sad moment, and we are happy that you made it, Suyyash!!

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