The strike might spill over to next week...

#FWICEStrike: The deadlock continues

The scenario is rather precarious at Filmcity, Mumbai. Defying strike call, producers continue to shoot with their respective cast & crew members while the protesters outside the Filmcity gate seethe in anger.

Day 4 into the drama and as of now all concerned parties maintain status quo. So what’s the ground reality? What’s the future story? Let us clear the miasma.

A highly placed source from the industry shares, “See, the status quo will continue for the next couple of days, this will make the protesters more agitated, they are already a desperate lot. The major bodies including the producers have rejected any dialogue possibility as of now given the misbehaviour that one has seen over the last couple of days.”

The source continues: “Talks will begin eventually and the deadlock will break. However, no demands will be met as of now, is the popular consensus. In between, the Suppliers’ Union too had made some demands…which are being taken into consideration. There is a fear that out of desperation things might take a violent turn, which is a concern. But the steam among protesters needs to diffuse before talks could begin. As of now, shoot will continue and protest as well outside the gates.”

IndianWikiMedia has learnt that some senior reverential artist member can help in bringing the warring parties together to seek a peaceful end to the agitation, which might happen post 21st.

We called J D Majethia (Producer body) and B N Tiwary) FWICE-leading the protest) to validate the information received but we did not get any comment till the time of putting the article to bed.

IndianWikiMedia will soon come up with more updates.

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