The entire TV and film fraternity looks forward to the IFTDA Elections 2018 on 15 August, tomorrow!! Let the best one win....

IFTDA Elections 2018: D-Day tomorrow!!

It’s the time of the year yet again when the utmost importance of the TV and film fraternity will be felt!!

Well, while every citizen of India will be celebrating the country’s Independence Day tomorrow (15 August), the day will dawn out to be one of the biggies for The Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) with the elections slated to take place tomorrow!!

As we know, The Directors’ body is a very important body, and comprises of directors and assistant directors as its members. With the completion of three years, this is a normal procedure with elections happening for all the 24 executive committee members. People from the industry (film and TV) file their nominations and the Executive Committee team is selected via elections, and the selected team runs the organization.

The main two groups contesting the elections this year are Ashoke Pandit’s Group and the Progressive Directors’ Alliance. Apart from the two groups, there are nearly 5-6 independents contesting for the elections.

‘IFTDA Aapka… Aap Humaare’ is what Ashoke Pandit’s Group has to say for the IFTDA Elections 2018. While the Captain of this ship, Ashoke Pandit is contesting for the President’s post, the other nominated contestants – Rajkumar Pandey, Jagdish Sharma, Sudhakar Sharma, Kuku Kohli, Ajit Srivastava, Aslam Sheikh, Balee Grover, Baljeet Kumar, Jiten, Mehul Kumar, Priyanka Ghatak, Ramnesh Puri, Sunil Bohra, Swapna Waghmara Joshi, Thakur Tapasvi, Abhishek Kumar, Imple Ahuja, Anupama Pathak, Kaushal Meshram, Manish Kumar Singh, Mohd Rafi Khan, Priya Kumari,
Thakur Akhilesh Awadhesh Singh will be contesting on behalf of Ashoke Pandit’s group for the 24 Executive Committee Members posts.

On the other hand, Film Director Ashwini Chaudhary helmed group, Progressive Directors’ Alliance Group will have Ashwini contesting for the President’s post. Surajj Rao, Rajesh Ransinghe, Iqbal Singh Channa, Vinta Nanda, Ajay Kumar, Celina John, Dev Dutt, Suhail Tartari, Veena Bakshi, Homi Wadia, Avinash Das, Pankaj Shukla, Ramkumar Singh, Syed Ahmed Afzal, Supavitra Bhasin, Ankur Maan, Atul L. Rajkule, K. Chandra, Kiran S. Singh, Neeraj K. Verma, Prahlad Kumar Shaw, Purnendu C Paanda, Sharanpreet Kaur will stand for the elections competing for the 24 Members post. contacted Ashwini Chaudhary, who helms the Progressive Directors’ Alliance Group and he talked clearly about the objectives in mind stating, “Our group has like-minded Producers, Directors and Assistant Directors. Our contesting members are all actively involved in their work and are dedicated towards their craft. Since TV has grown manifold, the basic problems are faced by TV directors. My group has a good mix of people from the film and TV fraternity. We will be addressing various issues like safety, security, minimum wages, security of women, washroom facilities, transport facilities at late hours of night etc. We have got major support from the film and TV fraternity in the last few weeks.”

Ashoke Pandit who helms the other group conveyed to us, “This election will have people who are working on the ground. We have Directors working in films, TV and web-series in our group. We have got support from major Directors who have sent bytes on their own. They have seen me working on the ground for all these years; I have sacrificed my life working for the fraternity. We look forward for the best outcome in the elections.”

The upcoming election has garnered great support on social media wherein the biggies from the TV and film fraternity have come forward in support for the groups of Ashoke Pandit and Progressive Directors’ Alliance.

The IFTDA Election 2018 will be held on 15 August, from 9 am to 6 pm at the M.V.M. Educational Campus, Veera Desai Road, Andheri.

Well, here’s a shoutout from Team for all those participating in the IFTDA Elections. May the best one win!!


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