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Producer Nivedita Basu has been on the receiving end owing to the heavy downpour of rains

Rains destroy sets of Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi

The recent rains in Mumbai have literally set new records and left many a schedules go weird!!

For Producer Nivedita Basu (The House of Originals), the rains have indeed created a concern!!

The sets of her show on &TV, Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi has been hit very badly by rains. Though a lot of precautions were taken considering the change in weather conditions, the crew was mostly caught unawares with the sudden heavy rains. This hampered the post rain shoot too.

A source says, “Rains and loss of electricity troubled the cast and crew from time to time. When the power connection was restored, it started raining. All happened so suddenly that none of the things could be taken to a point of safety. All this resulted in the entire set-up getting destroyed. Finally the crew had to shift to an indoor schedule. However, in minutes, a few lakhs with articles were blown away or destroyed in the rain.”

When contacted, Producer Nivedita Basu did not reply to our messages.

Well, an unexpected loss, we must say!!

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