Actor Sunil Lahri, who continues to be remembered and has etched himself in everyone’s memory with his portrayal of Lakhsman in the iconic 90s version of Ramayana has now gone on to talk about the election results, which continue to create a stir.

As known, one of the biggest shockers from the election results has been how BJP lost the Ayodhya constituency, especially after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP allies built the much-talked-about Ram Mandir in the city a few months ago.

Lahri went on to talk about that and how disappointing it is but also expressed his happiness over the victories of Kangana Ranaut in Mandi and Arun Govil in Meerut.

In a video message, Lahri said, Jai Shri Ram. I was very disappointed to see the election results. That’s why I used to say, vote, vote, but no one listened. Now, the Gatbandhan government will be formed. Will this Gatbandhan government be able to run smoothly for 5 years? Think about it. Anyway, I am happy that two people, whom I like a lot, won both the elections. One, Kangana Ranaut ji, who is the embodiment of female power, won the election from Mandi. And second, my elder brother, Arun Govil ji, won the election from Meerut. I would like to congratulate both of them. Jai Shri Ram.”

In one of his earlier stories, he expressed his frustration on the voters of Ayodhya saying, “We are forgetting that these are the same Ayodhya citizens who doubted Goddess Sita after she returned from exile. What do you call the person who even denies God? Selfish. History stands proof that the citizens of Ayodhya always betrayed their king. Shame on them.”

He also drew a comparison to the character Katappa from the film Baahubali, who notoriously killed his king, Amarendra Baahubali.

For the uninitiated, The results, announced on June 4, saw BJP candidate Lallu Singh lose the Faizabad constituency seat to Awadhesh Prasad of the Samajwadi Party. Faizabad, a significant constituency in Uttar Pradesh, is where the newly inaugurated Ram temple is located.