The contestants had to face host Salman's wrath for being unreasonable on the show

Salman Khan rages out at the contestants in Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar

When reality bites, it can be hard. Similarly this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar couldn’t have been more hard-hitting and explosive. While some of the contestants had to face host Salman’s wrath for being unreasonable on the show, some were reprimanded for supporting the wrong people.

However, one person, who paid the ultimate prize for not following the rules of the house even the after several warnings, was Shivashish Mishra.  Inspite of repeated warnings from Bigg Boss, Shivashish did not accept the decision of going to the Kaalkothri.

As a result of his arrogance, Shivashish became the first contestant of this season to be expelled from the house owing to behavioural issues. Host Salman also felt bad for him, as he felt that he was still not guilty of his mistakes and did not value the show.

However, it wasn’t Shivashish who had angered Salman the most in the house. Salman was also upset with Karanvir and told him about the open letter that his wife had written complaining that the show humiliates Karanvir and shows him in bad light. Karanvir was embarrassed at this revelation and apologised to Salman, saying he had no idea about what had happened.

On the other hand, a surprise was awaiting Jasleen Matharu in the Khaas room. Anup Jalota had come to visit Jasleen and clarify all the allegations put on Jasleen and him. Jasleen was excited to meet him and was soon left dejected when Anup Jalota claimed that there is some confusion regarding their relationship. Anup denied that there is no romantic alliance between them and they are just Guru-Shishya.

Too much to witness in this Weekend Ka Vaar! Are you excited to watch? Let us know in the comment box below.

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