The actor is using all means to help her ex get out of the fix…

She will always be the mother of my child: Amit Tandon on helping ex Ruby remanded in Dubai

Love and its emotional roots run deep in one’s senses. Often it leaves behind indelible scars, remnant of efforts, though rendered futile, to iron out differences, eventually leading to painful separation.

The case in point is Amit Tandon and wife Ruby, both successful in their respective domains, Amit a popular TV star and Ruby, a dermatologist.

The two decided to part ways post a turbulent conjugal life (filed for a divorce), but in a moment of crisis, they have decided to stand by each other.

Media has already reported about Ruby being detained and held in remand at Al Raffa jail, after some DHA (Dubai Health Authorities) complained against her. It is said that her bail has also been rejected once.

Caught in a fix in a foreign land, a troubled Ruby is seeking help and it seems she will find a succor in Amit.

Amit is trying all means to help Ruby and will also fly out to Dubai in an attempt to bring her back.

When we spoke to a concerned Amit, he replied saying, “She will always be the mother of my child. I will do whatever I can to help her. She is an important part of my life.”

Well, we hope Amit’s call is heard and Ruby returns to India soon.

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