New entry in SAB TV show

Shruti Gholap in SAB TV’s Super Sisters

SAB TV’s tale about the undying love between two sisters, Shivani (Vaishali Takkar) and Siddhi (Muskan Bamne) and their captivating story is garnering immense appreciation.

Apart from Vaishali Takkar and Muskan Bamne, the show has array of talented actors Gaurav Wadhwa, Vijay Badlani, Kunal Pandit, Manini De Mishra and Isha Anand Sharma.

Now, Shruti Gholap, who was seen in Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morre and Kaushaki, has been roped in for the series.

“Shruti will play the role of Dabang police officer Simmi Sood,” shares a source.

As per the plot, Siddhi will get arrested for a crime. This is planned by Mama, Mami and Isha.

How will Shivani manage to save her sister?

We buzzed Shruti, she confirmed the news with us.

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