Viraj ‘Gopal’ Kapoor resumes shoot for Zee TV’s Bhootu after a bout of dengue

Child actor Viraj Kapoor is back on the set of Bhootu after 18 days...

Viraj ‘Gopal’ Kapoor resumes shoot for Zee TV’s Bhootu after a bout of dengue

Child actor Viraj Kapoor who plays Gopal in Zee TV’s Bhootu (Esselvision) is happy and excited to resume shoot for his show post a bout of illness!!

Viraj was down with dengue for more than a fortnight and was missing from action!!

Viraj who is basically from Chandigarh has won a lot of praise for his character along with the girl Pihu (Arshiya Mukherjee).

After a break of about 18 days, Viraj resumed shoot yesterday and was welcomed warmly on sets.

What’s more? Gopal who had gone missing from the show will be given a grand re-entry, wherein he will yet again come in as a saviour.

Says Viraj’s dad, “Yes, Viraj had been laid back for the last few days with dengue. With constant blood tests and all happening, he is fine now. The team of Bhootu has been very co-operative and he has started shoot again from yesterday.”

Viraj who is a well-known name having worked earlier in shows Nadaan Parindey, Lajwanti, Waaris, Ghulam, Devanshi, has a huge fan-following. His dad states, “I have been getting calls from all over, wherein they have been asking about his health and why he is missing from the show. Calls from Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Malyasia etc have come to me, and there are Viraj’s huge fans out there.”

The father explains how their family is a huge Krishna devotee and they are pleased that the role of Gopal fell into the lap of their son. “It is a blessing indeed for him to play the role of Krishna.”

Talking about his son’s present health condition, the man states, “He has recovered, but is a bit weak. We need to take care of that. But he is eager to shoot for the show. He missed shooting for it for 18 days.”

On Viraj and Arshiya’s bonding on set, the dad explains, “The two of them are very close. In fact, Arshiya missed Viraj a lot when he was sick. She even cried I believe. During Rakhi recently, she tied rakhi to him. Arshiya always wants Viraj to play with her, and gets angry if he does not play (laughs).”

Viraj, wish you all the health and success!!

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