Candid chat with Casting Director Adityoa Suranna.

Aspiring actors need to be patient and stay positive: Casting Director Adityoa Suranna

Casting Director Adityoa Suranna loves to accept challenges and take up something unique as his next task on hand. Hailing from a Rajput family from Rajasthan, Aditya completed his studies but found his calling into the entertainment world.

When IWMBuzz got in touch with Adityoa, he spoke at length about his journey and provided a lot of insight into the TV industry.

Talking about how he started his journey as a casting director, he said, “I was initially assisting Harry Parmar, who is a brother to me. Later, in 2010, I started taking up shows independently. I have done 53 shows which also includes 5-6 web-series as a casting head. I was working in an MNC after passed out of college. However, this profession attracted me. I joined it and later my casting was appreciated by millions of people who were watching the shows which I casted for.”

He continued, “I have done popular shows like Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka?, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh, Piyaji. Apart from that I have been in this casting field for more then 7/8 years with well-known production houses like Shashi Sumeet, Fireworks to name a few. Recently, I completed Colors’ Mughal-e-Azam casting. On the other hand, I am casting for Zindagi U turn for Zing, Fearfiles for Zee TV and a web-series for ALTBalaji.”

When asked how he reacts to tantrums thrown by actors while casting, he averred, “Well, I have been lucky that I did not have to face such things in my career too often. There have been 1 or 2 times but I also understand the phase the actor goes through while coming for audition. I think it’s just the matter of different perspectives and point of views. There are few things which an actor doesn’t agree with the producer, thus creating an issue between them. However, if they sit and resolve then everything gets cleared.”

So how do you manage meeting the expectation of a producer/director and an actor, “I have been casting for TV shows for a while now. I have understood the pattern of few production houses and actors. However, I categorize well and then cast the actor. I understand that if there is a popular actor then I can’t give him any episodic to do and vice versa. I try to balance it out so that both the producer and the actor are satisfied.”

On an end note, Adityoa shares tips for aspiring actors, “I want to tell them that don’t be impatient. In this industry, I would suggest that stick to what you are here to achieve. Aspirants should be open to new things and opportunities. There would be good and bad experiences but always stay positive and just understand one thing that with time you will see growth in yourself which will help you become a better actor.”

Well said, Adityoa!

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