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Maya and her killer looks are ready to kill you, take a look!

15 best killer looks of Maya aka Jennifer Winget from Beyhadh

Television serial Beyhadh has cast most adorable and talented actress Jennifer Winget as female lead Maya and Ashish Chowdhary as the male lead. While Shivin Narang is playing the role of Ashish Chowdhary’s son where he will be part of Maya’s life. Maya is seen as hot and businesswoman.

In Beyhadh Season 1, Maya was obsessive but things were situational. She was reacting to love and new people were coming into her life. Beyhadh 1 was only about the love of Maya. Her possessiveness over Arjun says it all. The story of Beyhadh started with her hatred towards her father Ashwin Mehrotra and ended with the love for Arjun Sharma. But Beyhadh 2 is full of twists.

Now let’s switch back to Maya. Remember the sweet looking angel Maya from Beyhadh 1 who liked the only white color so she used to wear only white. But here, in the second season, she likes only black color and is all over loved by fans in black. Her stealing looks as Maya always melted our hearts as she looked insanely good in all the attires she wore in season 1 and now in season 2.

We are sharing below some of her best looks from the serial when she gave killer looks to kill you:

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