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Mohsin Khan, the best actor on television

Insta king of the week: Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan is a versatile actor, whose acting prowess has charmed one and all and has earned him constant success. Mohsin Khan, aka our very own Kartik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is an actor that millions of tele-soap lovers have high regard for.

He is one of the trendiest and most iconic actors in the television industry today, and we couldn’t have loved him more.

Mohsin Khan was even an assistant director in the industry and has worked his way up the ladder. Initially, he played many roles in different series and shows and has slowly made a place in our hearts for sure.

Mohsin is the best superstar of television, who has got all stylish skills and is seen to be top when it comes to dressing and style. Whether styled to sophisticated perfection in the sexy boardroom look or flopping enticingly on his forehead with the delightful boyish charm, Mohsin’s hair is divinely sexy.

Mohsin and his intense chemistry with his on-screen love interest Shivangi Joshi is another reason why fans have loved him. His personality shines through the fashion and style that he brings to the table. His looks and acting chops have kept the fans grooving.

His Instagram is proof of his stylish lifestyle and the ever-growing number of fans that love him.

His social media game is strong and he slays the social platform with his style and amazing outfits.

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