Top Instagram moments of RadhaKrishn’s Mallika Singh will leave you spellbound!

RadhaKrishn Fame Mallika Singh’s Top Instagram Moments

We have come across various moments of various actors and actresses who keep their personal and work life at their place. When we look upon RadhaKrishn, we see all the nostalgic scenes of Krishna in Vrindavan. We all look upon Krishna and Radha, right? But in real life, both Krishna and Radha are very different from what we see on-screen, right?

Mallika Singh plays Radha, the on-screen lover of Krishna aka Sumedh Mudgalkar in Star Bharat’s RadhaKrishn. We love to see them together, right? But do you know the fact that Mallika Singh is just 20-years-old? Yes, she is still perusing her studies and acting both. She is an allrounder and knows how to handle both things together.

Mallika Singh’s character may look very simple on-screen but in real life, she is the opposite of what we see on-screen. For instance, the journey from Mallika Singh to Radha and back to Mallika Singh is drool-worthy!

Mallika Singh seems to be very fond of using Instagram. She takes what she wants and to tell you, we are already in love with her every look! Have you scrolled down her Instagram feed? She may not be as popular as any other actresses but the way she poses for the pictures and the beauty skills and the charm on her face, all these factors indicate she is the next big thing we will witness in the industry.

Check out some of the most beautiful moments from Mallika Singh’s Instagram!–scdhDNs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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