The cute or funny you decide! But the selfie moment of Shilpa Raizada and Simran Khanna is WOW

Selfie Moment: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s Two Beauties In One Frame ‘Shilpa Raizada And Simran Khanna’

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and the beautiful ladies have been one of the best combinations we have ever seen on television. Like seriously? Right from the small and young Naira to the mother-like roles, all the ladies and even the child artists are gorgeous. Well, no problem! All like to see gorgeous women on-screen and to add more, Simran Khanna and Shilpa Raizada are here to add more spice.

Simran Khanna plays the role of Gayatri Goenka from the Goenka house and Shilpa Raizada plays the role of Surekha Goenka, the mother of the twins Luv and Kush. Shilpa Raizada has joined the serial back in 2016 while Simran Khanna joined the show last year, 2019.

In all these years, we saw different actors and actresses playing the different roles of the cast. But Shilpa and Simran have been stuck with their roles and they give us some good things to look upon. Not only are they good friends in the show but also during their off-screen mastii or behind the scenes moments, they enjoy a lot.

Being an actor on-screen can get the best act out of yourself only and only if you share good chemistry off-screen and when you have Shilpa Raizada and Simran Khanna, all we can say is… Let it be! Take a look at yourself and enjoy it!

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