Models to jump off from the fourth floor for their next task.

It’s time for a free fall on India’s Next Top Model

The third season of India’s Next Top Model is turning out to be one tough ride for the girls. Girls partake in a dangerous and edgy photo shoot where they are asked to jump off from the fourth floor of a building while they are harnessed to get that perfect shot as they hang mid-air. The girls were extremely anxious while performing the task while they jumped off from the building. The biggest challenge for them was giving the perfect shot within 3 seconds.

While some girls were confident and gave their best shot, others feared the task because of the fear of heights they possessed. Mentor, Neeraj Gaba motivated the girls while they performed the task and gave them the much needed encouragement.

A source close to the sets said, “We are quite amazed by the zeal some of the girls possess. Some even got over their fear of heights and performed the task with utmost grace. That was commendable! Moreover, Malaika and Dabboo were particularly impressed with their photo-shoot.”

Tune in to the 4th episode of India’s Next Top Model this Saturday, 11th November at 7pm only on MTV

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