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Over the years we have come across some of the best reality shows that we have gotten completely obsessed with. One such show we all know and are huge fans of is Splitsvilla and we are here to tell you more about some of our favourites on the show.

Ashish-Miesha VS Shrey-Priyamvada: Who deserves to win Splitsvilla X2?

Without any doubt, Splitsvilla is one of the most loved and most-watched reality show on Indian television. The show is a game reality show which involves its contestants who are in pairs competing against each other through games and tasks for the winner title. This show is now in its 12th season aka X2 and it’s better than ever. This season won over a fan base of millions all over the country very quickly.

Speaking of our favourite pairs of the show, two pairs we simply we cannot miss out on is Ashish and Miesha and the pair of Shrey and Priyamvada. Both the pairs have done extremely well so far and we yet can’t decide who the better one is and hence we ask for your help to decide.

Ashish and Miesha have been our favourites ever since the two were seen together on screen. The couple is complete couple goals to us with occasional nok-jhoks and sweet make-ups for it. Their cute chemistry yet being strong during tasks is what draws us towards them so much.

On the other hand, we have Shrey and Priyamvada who are by far the sweetest couple we have known. Everything from their crackling chemistry to their game makes us love them so much. The couple is often seen having fights but yet have their minds set on the one true goal of winning together.

We think both these pairs are, equally good and hence we ask for your help to let us choose who should win the show. Let us know your winner of this battle below.

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