Raqesh Bapat who recently had a great run in Bigg Boss OTT had been in a blissful space for more than seven years when he was in a marriage with Ridhi Dogra. The two of them understood each other to the T, and there was a calm and mature acceptance of each other in them. However, things went bad as the two of them ended their wedding and sought a divorce in 2019.

Recently, in a chat, Raqesh talked about how tough it was on him post the divorce. A report on Pinkvilla quoted that Raqesh had a lot of guilt in him after divorce and it took a toll on him. We take reference from that story for ours here.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Raqesh said, “Any relationship ending has never been easy and I am an emotional person. I never thought I would end up in a situation like a divorce because I always, and she also, wanted to work on the marriage for sure. But unfortunately, there are things that you cannot control and sometimes, you go through that whole aspect of ‘shayad achcha ho sakta tha (maybe it could have been fixed)’, so there is a lot of guilt, a lot of ‘maybe I went wrong, she went wrong’, she also probably felt the same.”

He further informed that the divorce took a toll on him. “There are a lot of thoughts that you go through at that particular point and it’s important that you go through those thoughts because that makes us human. It took a toll on me because I was used to being in the marriage for seven years, so to accept the difference in life is definitely going to be a task. But now, I am good. We both went through that and we are in a good space now,” he added.

Raqesh said that he sought help to deal with the divorce and talking to someone made it a lot easier for him.

Heartfelt confessions coming from the man!!