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Drashti Dhami is busy with her regimented workout and yoga sessions during this lockdown and we bring a glimpse of that here.

What Is Drashti Dhami Doing These Days?

Drashti Dhami the talented TV actress is always at the peak of her fitness and this lockdown phase has enabled her to take care of her personal fitness even more!!

Drashti and her workout videos have always been inspirational!! And amidst the family time she is enjoying right now, she is also busy working out and keeping herself in the best of shape.

During this lockdown, Drashti has put up many pictures from her exercise regime or from her yoga time.

Her pictures of Suryanamaskar are amazing and her pushups are exemplary!!

She also puts up videos at regular intervals where she addresses everyone to be fit and workout more!!

Check it out here…

So we can say that Drashti has been busy flexing it out really well during this lockdown!!

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