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Gathbandhan serial program is where the love story started from the story has two different characters where Dhanak has a goal to become an IPS officer and where Raghu who is a gunda and do not follow this rules and regulations these two personalities were having a love angle makes the story more interesting and more grasping audience.

Gathbandhan Raghu and Dhanak make the Cutest Pair on telly

The TRP of the show is also having a very good graph. The actors have very nice chemistry between them they are saying really very nice on-screen won’t. Raghu and Dhanak showing no of the five the sweet fights which are at writing the audience. Audiences loving the chemistry the speed fights is making the audience feel that they are very cute because every noon shows the cute fight.

The improvements in their relationship is also a turning point to the show. Improvement in the world in the program has made the audience love them more and more day by day. Devil improving boy from fights to love Passion of Dhanak towards profession the passionate person.

The cute fight is making the audience more attractive. The to different personalities accepting each other is also a big acceptance. Their Pair is looking really pretty on screen. The fans are also like India cuteness. The fan is also getting more and more famous. The storyline is also very interesting and the audience will also be liking it which is making the show more interesting and more growing. Gathbandhan essay stormy weather very different in very interesting the twist and turns are making the audience more suspicious and more and more interesting to watch it the pear is also so made in the show more beautiful. The tissue is also going rule by these two cute pair.

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