Kinshuk Mahajan talks about a fraudster who took his look test and demanded for pictures.

Kinshuk Mahajan gets duped by fake casting call

Popular actor Kinshuk Mahajan who is presently seen in Gathbandhan on Colors fell prey to a huge fraud wherein a girl by name Dipti claiming to be working for the reputed Toabh Talent Agency wanted to meet the actor to talk about an international shoot that was being planned.

Kinshuk was asked to send his look test and pictures as per reference and the girl even sent an official mail from the official email id of the company Toabh.

Kinshuk did the needful and sent his look test and pictures as per her request. However when the actor got a slight sniff of her not being genuine, she backed out and stopped talking to him.

Kinshuk Mahajan gets duped by fake casting call 1

Kinshuk Mahajan gets duped by fake casting call 2

Kinshuk Mahajan gets duped by fake casting call 3

Says Kinshuk, “I have been in this industry for so many years and have all the experience. I cannot be fooled easily. But this girl seemed genuine and I was taken aback when I got to know that I was cheated. She had the Toabh’s official ID from which she sent me mails. I don’t know whether she is a fan or a fraudster. She took my look test on phone and asked me to send all the particulars with regards to pictures. She kept talking to me the whole of yesterday, and by night, when I got a slight doubt, I went on their web site and checked for further details. When I raised my concern, she literally cut my call and never took my call again.”

“I have given you all details of our whatsapp chats and her mail id. I do not want any actor to be fooled in this way. She can go to any extent of hacking a company id and grabbing an actor’s confidence. I really do not know if my whatsapp too is compromised. I am presently shooting for Gathbandhan, and even checking out whether my mail id and phone are secure.”

“Awareness is important and nobody should get fooled for the hard work they do. I hope the girl learns her lessons,” states an upset Kinshuk.

We too hope such miscreants do not get their way out!!

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