The biggest challenge in Nazar 2 will be to perform stunts in chroma: Shruti Sharma | IWMBuzz

Shruti Sharma who will be the new leading lady in Nazar 2 gets into a conversation regarding the role and the new genre of work after Gathbandhan.

The biggest challenge in Nazar 2 will be to perform stunts in chroma: Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma who had a very noticeable debut with Gathbandhan will go on to test waters of the fantasy genre as the lead girl in Nazar 2, the Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films.

Says Shruti, “My fans are going to love this role of mine because it is a different genre. I am getting into the supernatural and fantasy genre, and I am sure to enjoy it. I am going to learn new things, and I am looking forward to my fans liking this effort of mine.”

Adding more she states, “I hope I will do a good job. Dhanak was loved a lot. Gathbandhan taught me a lot. I did have my share of action scenes there. The show taught me a harness, action etc as I played a cop. But the biggest difference in Nazar is to perform stunts in chroma. This is a different experience altogether. I have to perform under specified limitations and this will be a challenge for sure.”

Ask her what prompted her to pick up this genre of work and Shruti exclaims, “I always want to explore myself doing new things as an actor. When I did India’s Next Superstar, I never thought I will ever get into fiction. I have done a Telugu movie, music album, Hindi movie and then Gathbandhan. Now I am into supernatural and fantasy stuff, and I am continuously exploring and widening my base.”

On her role in Nazar 2, Shruti has this to say, “It will start as an ordinary girl and later she will turn into an extraordinary girl filled with powers, lenses, VFXs etc.

My screen name is Palak Verma. I cannot tell you much, as I want people to watch and understand. As of now, all I can say is that I will be seen as an ordinary girl at the start.”

On her expectations, she states, “I do not expect anything. My only mantra is to give my best. Rest is already written in my destiny. All I know is that I will not take a step back and will give my 100 percent. If we help ourselves, God will surely help them.”

Way to go, Shruti!!

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