Gathbhandhan, An unspoken love story of two individuals with different personalities. It stars Raghu and Dhanak in the lead roles.

Gathbhandhan should be on your To-Watch list

Gatbhandhan is an Indian television unique dramatic story. It premiered on 15 January 2019 on Colors TV and airs every Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. It stars Abrar Qazi, Shruti Sharma as Raghu and Dhanak.

The story is of two lovers where Raghu is a criminal boy of Maharashtra and Dhanak who is from Gujrat wants to become an IAS officer. Savitri who is the mother of Raghu wants her son to loot money from people so that she can earn money and make a scared reputation.

Dhanak wants Raghu should be arrested along with his mom, whereas he wants to please her to make her his bride.

Raghu fell in love with Dhanak at very first sight. Initially, Dhanak hates him, but later both get married to each other accidentally. After the marriage, slowly both start loving each other, later Savitri starts creating major misunderstandings between them. Raghu helps Dhanak to fulfill her dreams. He saves her from all the exploitations of his mother. He knows Savitri’s take on his marriage with Dhanak. He manages the arguments between his mother and wife.

Gathbandhan is a combination of high emotions and light elements to keep the high TRP of the show.

If you love the combo of family drama, action and comedy, this show is a perfect binge-watch experience.

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