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Dance India Dance has been a huge platform for the dancers in different cities of India. It has been a huge platform to show their talent and to perform the best with good mentors. The performance is showing under the guidance of mentors are really amazing.

Greatest Dance India Dance performances of all time

Dance India Dance has started a few years ago, in the beginning, the judges were Geeta Maa Terence Lewis and Remo D’Souza. Mithun da was also a part of the show as the Grand judge. The participants of the show enthusiasm participating in the show. The performances in DID all ways on some of the important points of the social awakenings. DID is a platform that will always be remembered as unique and special for every dancer.

The performances in DID are and were really splendid, mind-blowing and mesmerizing as they were under the guidance of great mentors. Punit Pathak, Raghav Juyal, Dharmesh Yalande, Shakti Mohan, Mohina Kumari, Faisal Khan, etc were well-known dancers of DID who are extremely talented.

Earlier Dance India Dance was the platform where every dancer would wish to come and show their talent. The performances which Dance India Dance has been seen comparatively better than the ones in other reality shows. The concept of Dance India Dance is to bring all great dancers on one platform and create magic with their mesmerizing performances.

The performances are based on 3 unique characters of the film industry, the unique characters of different fields and to give tribute to them such performances grab the attention of the audience towards the show. Dance India dance earlier was a great show, later they came up with the Dance India Dance version for kids and for mothers also. It also gave platforms to mothers and to kids to showcase up their talent on this amazing platform.

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