Jasmine Bhasin the gorgeous and vivacious actress is all fashionable. She has a high degree of acceptance to fashion and good looks. She is in fact a diva who can raise her bar of dressing up and fashion to admirable heights.

Jasmine thrives in good company of outfits. Yes, we can surely say that fashion and the best of outfits are her good friends.

Today we look at some and smokey looks of Jasmine Bhasin which prove that she is one actress who does not think twice before going bold.

So take a look here.

She is truly a diva in the water here.

Sensuality, satin and Jasmine go hand in hand.

She is all graceful in the shirt style dressing.

She is extremely hot in this bedside pose.

What do you think? Do we agree that Jasmine is a bold and beautyiful celebrity?