Kasautii Zindagii Kay actors certainly know how to spend their free-time well!!

We recently put up a story with pictures and videos of how the girl gang in the show, Erica Fernandes, Hina Khan and Pooja Banerjee had a great day in the pool as they showcased their swimming prowess.

Now, the girl gang Hina Khan, Erica Fernandes, Shubaavi Choksey and Pooja Banerjee took time to dine out and spend some jolly good time.

Well, while the dinner turned out to be a fat-free dessert menu for Erica Fernandes aka Prerna, Shubhaavi aka Mohini Basu jokingly said that it was a ‘Fat for free’ dinner for her.

So cute!!

The girls bonded well over the favourite delicacies and did not miss an opportunity to capture themselves on camera.

Check out the video here….

View Instagram Post 1: Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Erica, Hina, Shubhaavi and Pooja’s dinner date

Super awesome time the girls had!! Three cheers to their bonding!!