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Read to know about Rashami Desai's real name

Did You Know? Bigg Boss Contestant Rashami Desai’s REAL Name

Rashami Desai, who rose to fame with TV shows Uttaran and Dil Se Dil Tak, is one of the most stunning actresses. The actress was also seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 13.

The actress won the hearts of many and is known for her amazing dressing style and the way she presents herself. Her beauty and personality have made her the most loved actress in the industry and among her fans.

Whether on-screen or off-screen, we often get lost in her glamorous avatars. She has got her Indian and western outfits on point and we absolutely admire her style statement.

However, did you know Rashami’s real name? Well, we reveal it to you, Rashami’s real name is Shivani.

In a recent interaction with a leading entertainment portal, Rashami Desai spoke about changing her name after taking up suggestions from her mother. The actor said that her mother had always been skeptical about her choice to get into the entertainment industry. She was scared about the uncertainty in the field and was also worried about the judgement that would have been passed by society. For this reason, Rashami Desai was asked to change her name from Shivani to Divya. For a while, Divya Desai remained her stage name but was later changed to Rashami after she consulted a friend who is an astrologist.

Wow! Were you aware of this fact?

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