There’s no denying the fact that MTV Splitsvilla X3 is synonymous to surprises, and this week’s episode will also give a sneak peek of that to the viewers. Post Nikhil-Avantika and Jay Aditi’s astounding victory in the Golden Opportunity Task, the cards at the Villa have completely flipped. Till now Kevin’s team was enjoying the perks with KATVIN as the first Ideal match but now Team Boombaam looks in a perfect mood to celebrate as the last task winners are from their team. And with the dome session approaching, the upcoming episode will see the dynamics of the game changing 360 degrees. If that’s not enough, a Golden Villa couple has lost from a Silver Villa couple, which will come with its own set of consequences. What would those be? All set for a roller coaster ride? So are we!

The dome session will start on an amusing note where both the teams will be seen arguing with each other, especially Shivam, Kevin and Kat, which will blow out of proportion, involving everyone present. Vyomesh-Arushi lost the task and will have to consequently move to the Silver Villa. By winning the task, Jay-Aditi get an advantage to save four Splitsvillains from dumping. Who would this four Splitsvillains be? Well, this time, it is crystal clear! Watch your guesses turning true on Saturday!

To top it all, a bigger suspense awaits the viewers. Who would go in front of the Oracle? Will be it Nikhil-Avantika or Jay-Aditi? If it is Jay-Aditi,  it will be interesting to see which side, Silver or Golden, will they choose. The excitement will also heighten with the fear of double eliminations this week. Have you placed your bets already?

It is known that the Golden Villa couples always enjoy some perks. As the winner of the last task, what advantages will Nikhil-Avantika get? Will Dhruv-Sapna and Kat-Kevin have a say in this dome session or they’ll be helpless in front of their friends? Who will have to bid goodbye to their Splitsvilla journey this week? Lots of questions!!