The last week’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3 ended with truckloads of fun and a smooth win for Vyomesh and Trevon with their pickup lines. However, the upcoming episode takes the game dynamics for a toss! Post the Silver Connection Task, this week the Splitsvillains will have a surprise vote out. Basis internal voting, either Vyomesh-Arushi or Trevon-Samruddhi will get a chance to reach to the Golden side of oracle! Yes, you read that right! There will be no Golden Connection Task this time, but the opportunity for them to only appeal to the Gold side.

The upcoming dome session promises to be a game changer and will have the viewers witness it all- anger, trust, love, betrayal or vengeance. Looking at the popularity and connection, Vyomesh-Arushi will be given a preference here by the Splitsvillains. We have our fingers crossed for the one anticipated ideal match here! But it’s not always so simple in MTV Splitsvilla X3! Tune-in on Saturday to see what happens! In the latter part of the episode we will see Vyomesh-Arushi performing a task with Shivam-Riya, worth a battle to look out for. What course of events at the dome session have led to this action? Will Vyomesh-Arushi become an ideal match or the task will be a kind of consequence? All the answers in the upcoming episode. Saturday it is!

The entertainment quotient would be at an all-time high, thanks to the Survival Task – ‘Heartbreak’, which will be performed between Vyomesh-Arushi, Shivam-Riya and Dhruv-Sapna along with Jay-Bhoomika, who will be seen helping them. This task is all about the Boombaam gang’s tag line – “Hath Nahi Choddna, Sath Nahi Choddna”. Will they be able to do justice to it? Only time will tell!

Dome session, Survival Task, Elimination, Betrayal and a plethora of emotions, too much too handle in one episode, right? The cherry on the cake will be the most heartwarming scenes in the history of this season during the task and we absolutely cannot wait for it!