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Neha Kakkar has ended up weeping on the stage of Indian Idol. We tell you what brings about the emotion in her?

Why Does Neha Kakkar Always Cry In Indian Idol?

Neha Kakkar the talented singer and artist has won huge accolades and recognition for her singing prowess. A noted Bollywood singer, Neha Kakkar has sung many wonderful songs in Bollywood.

But what makes her all the more noticed and appreciated is her grounded, simple behaviour and her heart of gold.

She is a very sensitive person by nature and weeps hard when she sees someone in sorrow. An emotional moment can make her cry immediately.

As Judge of the singing reality show Indian Idol, Neha Kakkar has charmed viewers with her choices and judging capabilities. But what has mostly melted our hearts is her generous nature towards needy. Every time she has seen a person in problem especially in finances, she has gone out of her way to help the person. Not only help, she always cries listening to the sad tales and tales of hardship.

Even when a contestant puts all soul in a song, it at times makes Neha weep as she feels the pain in such songs.

We have had many crying moments of Neha in Indian Idol and we must tell you that it is her generous and sweet nature that brings about this emotion.

Here are few of the crying moments of Neha Kakkar from Indian Idol.

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