Nyrraa M Banerji who plays the Pishachini in the Colors show that goes by the same name, is otherwise a stunning persona who holds the highest regard and passion for fashion. She is this brightly enabled fashion diva who looks amazing in any kind of outfit that she puts on. Nyrraa has a keen eye for dressing and picks up some unique trends to adorn.

Nyrraa is active on social media and her fans love it when she puts up pictures that melt their hearts. Recently, there was this underwater swim that Nyrraa engaged in, in the avatar of a mermaid that kept fans gazing at her.

Dressed in an amazingly bright orange bikini, the water babe looked stunning as the video captured her taking swift turns and exploring her draft of swimming underwater to the best. She smiled as she pose before the camera too.

Check the video here to see the sensational mermaid in action!!

Video Courtesy: Instagram

She looks such an amazing damsel underwater!!