Pishachini the Colors show produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen Rani (Nyrraa M Banerji) being trapped inside the cave. But the reality is that Rani is free and ready to pounce yet again. This time again, her victim is Rocky. As we know, Rocky was earlier affected and got into a Pishach roop of Agni Vetaal.

Now the coming episode will see Rocky literally transforming into Agni Vetaal. He will be seen pairing up with Rani who has again managed to enter the house in the form of Sarika.

Yes, Rocky who is the Vetaal and Rani will together decide to kill Pavitra.

However, Pavitra will not be aware of Rocky turning into Vetaal. On the other hand, Vidya and Shikha will perform a test and will be shocked to see that the Pishach shadow is again back to trouble their family.

Will the family get to know the truth about Rocky being Vetaal? Will Rani appear before them?