Pishachini the Colors show produced by Mrunal Jha and Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen the death of Veer in a dramatic way. We wrote about Pavitra (Jiya Shankar) killing Veer with the Baavan Bijli given to her by Nashak.

Now, Shikha released Rani (Nyrraa M Banerji) and this has created new problems for the Rajput family. Rani has come back to the family with a sorry face, and asks for forgiveness. Nashak asks her to go through an acid test, which will prove whether she is genuinely accepting her fault and has turned good.

The coming episode will see Rani and her kid being asked to walk over Agni Taal. Nashak will reveal that if Rani’s conscience is clean, she will emerge out of the Agni Taal in 60 seconds. However, unfortunately, both Rani and the kid will not emerge out of the burning river in the allotted time. This will make the family sad.

But soon, the Rajput family will find themselves trapped in the jungle with the villagers who are now in ghostly form attacking them. This would have been created by Rani. The family will get to understand that Rani has emerged from the Agni Taal for revenge.

How did Rani escape the Agni Taal?