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Varun Sood gets emotional on this week’s episode of Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Varun Sood gets emotional

Since the last two weeks, Roadies Revolution has seen a tough competition between Team Underdogs and Team Favourites. Both the teams have settled their score against each other by winning one task each. The journey now reaches Garli – a beautiful village in Himachal with Colonial, Portuguese, Mughal, Rajasthani and Kangri influenced architecture. The contestants and leaders were in awe of the sight! They were welcomed by Era and her husband at Garli who have been empowering local women by teaching them handloom and other fabric designs so that they can earn their daily bread and be independent. Later in the episode, the contestants and leaders are seen indulging in learning fabric designing and handloom from Era and other women.

It was a nice, stress free day for the gang and they were enjoying the activity, until while moving from Garli, Rannvijay announced a surprise vote out, where 2 contestants will be going home. What followed was a series of chatter with panic and nervousness around the contestants. The immunities were not finalised, the targets were not fixed and the two teams did not discuss internally. The task at hand for the leaders is to immune 3 contestants from Team Favourites and Rannvijay will later reveal how it is going to be snatched from Team Underdogs. Even after the contestants putting a visual spectacle in the last two tasks, who will get immune and who will be seen hanging? Only time will tell!

We also see leader Varun getting emotional in this episode. Is the surprise vote out a reason for his breakdown?

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