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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is riding the success wave and we are all too happy to see this amazing, non saas-bahu drama, making headlines every time!

This is why you should start watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus’ much loved show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, is winning hearts of the viewers with its star cast and amazing storyline. The popularity of the show has been rising rapidly, even when it is not a saas-bahu drama, and it doesn’t surprise us one bit. What once started out as an underdog project has now reached the TV screen of every Indian household and it beating all odds in terms of hitting their TRPs out of the park!

This is why you should start watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

If you haven’t really watched this show yet then we can think of a million reasons why this show is a must-watch but you probably just need to know this:

  • The innocence: Kulfi, played by Aakriti Sharma, is the epitome of innocence and is so easy to fall in love with. The audience can’t help but get awestruck every time this little kid is facing troubles and still standing tall


  • The father-daughter bond: Kulfi and Sikander have a bond stronger than that of any father-daughter on the silver screen in today’s date. We are just very happy to see these two together and totally feel the caring and affection they have for one another.


  • Overall star cast: One of the biggest reasons why this show works on all levels is because each and every character the script has built, is a complete one in itself. There are many child artists besides Kulfi, on this show, and we simply think they are all fab!

The makers of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala are supposedly bringing in some brand new twists to the show and probably introducing a new character as well! We sure are excited to see if and when this pans out and you never know, this might just make this show reach newer heights of success!

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