Suhani Dhanki is thankful to her Guru on World Dance Day

Actor and dancer Suhani Dhanki talks about her Guru in Dance on the occasion of World Dance Day today.

Suhani Dhanki is thankful to her Guru on World Dance Day

Actor Suhani Dhanki Mody of Porus who has been performing Bharatnatyam for the last 15 years and counting is trained under her Guruji Dr Sandhya Purecha who is a National Award recipient.

On the occasion of World Dance Day, the actor shares that she fell in love with dance, more so, Bharatanatyam, when she saw her Guruji’s dance.

Sharing some beautiful pictures of her performance with her Guruji which happened on the auspicious occasion of Janmashthmi last year – Suhani performed with her Guruji performed on stage on the eve of Janmasthmi and through their dance they narrated a tale of a different Krishna. The story was about the many queens of Krishna. One of the queens, the more matured one (played by Suhani’s guru Dr Sandhya Purecha) is telling this newly wedded queen and is teaching her how to please Krishna and behave in his presence. She is giving her instructions that she is not a girl anymore, she is a queen now and you need to know the ways of love and respect for her husband. Suhani played the younger queen while her Guruji played the more matured queen.

Commenting on the same Suhani says, “It’s been 15 years since Sandhya Tai accepted me as her disciple and from day 1 I fell in love with my guruji’s dance. On the occasion of World Dance Day, I want to let everyone know that dance is a universe with unending learning. Dance is a way of life; it is discipline, inspiration and surrender. Whatever I am today I am because of my guruji. Her dance has not only helped me become a professional Bharatnatyam dancer but also I give her the credits of my acting tenure as well. I have performed around 300 stage shows in these years under her aegis.”

Best of luck, Suhani!!

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