Know if you are a true fan of the show

Are you a true fan of Splitsvilla X2? Take a test

When we speak of shows that make all of us youngsters go gaga over the screen, one of the shows that never slips our minds is Splitsvilla. It is a telly dating reality show in which several couples are seen competing against each other to win a title at the end. The show is screened on MTV and has a huge fan base of its own since years. The show is currently in its 12th season and it is as tight as it can get. The show is mainly loved due to all the components it has, ranging from heartbreaks and betrayal to manipulation and romance.

Just as we mentioned above, the show has a fan base of millions across the country. But what is so funny about it is the fact that every fan claims to be the biggest fan of the show. Do you think you are the biggest fan of the show? If yes, take the quiz we have prepared for you below.

Q1- When was the first episode of Splitsvilla X2 aired?

Q2- Who are the hosts for Splitsvilla X2?

Q3- Who were the two wild card entrants Splitsvilla X2 has had yet?

Q4- How many contestants have been dumped by The Chosen Ones on Splitsvilla X2?

Q5- Who was slammed out of Splitsvilla and why?

Q6- Who are The Chosen Ones of Splitsvilla X2?

Q7- Which female contestant got dumped by Shrey and Priyamvada?

Did you succeed in getting through all these questions with ease? If yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are the biggest fan of Splitsvilla X2. Stay tuned with us for more such exciting quizzes and updates on your favourite shows and celebs.

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