Drama galore in Agnifera

Agni to succeed in the first challenge against Sakshi in Agnifera

The on-going episodes of the popular daily Agnifera (R & R Creations) which airs on &TV is coming up with some high voltage drama.

Now we hear that the makers have planned to add some more drama to make the story a lot more entertaining and gripping.

Well, as per the on-going episodes, Kishan (Karan Godwani) choses Agni (Yukti Kapoor) and Sakshi (Simran Kaur) and marries both the girls.

In the coming episodes, after Kishan’s marriage with Agni and Sakshi, Kishan’s Dadi throws few challenges between Agni and Sakshi. Agni succeeds to win the first challenge where she has to get back their home which was wrongfully taken by someone else. She wins big against Sakshi and becomes very happy.

Later, Agni taunts Sakshi on her success and Kishan takes Agni’s side.

The drama is getting exciting in the show with Kishan being trapped between two wives.

What will happen next? Who will win the next challenge?

We buzzed actresses but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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