Anandibaa aur Emily the Star Plus show produced by Optimystix has seen the absorbing drama of Emily (Jazzy Ballerini) and Aarav (Mishkat Varma) getting married. We saw how Anandibaa has been forced to accept the marriage and take Emily into her house. She is all willing to do her Gruhapravesh, but Emily has some pertinent questions to ask Aarav. Emily feels that they need to start their relationship on a bright note.

The coming episode will see Emily talking to Aarav about how they need to ask the pertinent question of whether love prevails early. She will ask Aarav whether he loves her.

As we know, Aarav has always been behind his dream of settling in the USA. But it is also an accepted fact that he has fallen for Emily’s simplicity and her grounded values. Emily wants to live in a joint family and get the love of her family. This has been an enduring thought for Aarav too.

Will Aarav accept his love for Emily?

We hear that Aarav will accept Emily’s love and her next phase will be to gain acceptance in the house.