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Anurag’s special care for Ragini in &TV’s Agnifera

The maker (R&R Creations) of &TV’s show Agnifera is churning out interesting episodes for its viewers.

Audiences have already seen Dulari and Shrishti’s (Simran Kaur) ugly fight in the recent episodes.

Now, Dulari will plan to teach Shrishti a lesson. Dulari will try to make Shrishti fall off the roof, but Anurag (Ankit Gera) will suddenly enter the place and he will fall instead.

Soon Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) will see Anurag falling and would rush to save him. Anurag will panic as Ragini will get injured while trying to save him hence he will accompany her to the hospital.

Anurag will take special care of Ragini and would also begin to look after her. Ragini will be very happy after Anurag would feed her before leaving for work.

Will this drama bring Anurag and Ragini together?

We buzzed the actors but they chose not to comment.

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