Brahmarakshas 2 the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms will see huge drama during the engagement of Kalindi (Nikki Sharma) and Vardhaan (Chetan Hansraj).

As we know, Prithvi (Nikkhil Arya) and his wife Shalini (Papia Sengupta) are getting Kalindi married to Vardhaan Chaudhary.

However, the one to spoil this game plan will be Madan (Neel Motwani) who will come into the venue in a disguised look of a lady to convince Kalindi that Vardhaan is actually the Brahmarakshas.

Well, the first major killing will take place now, wherein Vardhaan will sniff out Madan’s game plan and will kidnap him. He will eventually kill Madan, coming into his Brahmarakshas avatar.


How will this first death impact the storyline?

We buzzed actors of Brahmarakshas 2 but did not get through.

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