Colors show Gathbandhan, produced by Jay Productions is all set to witness the major drama in its upcoming episodes.

Gathbandhan: Maayi to bring a new problem for Dhanak 1

Loyal viewers of the series are aware of the wedding of Raghu and Dhanak is around the corner. However, there is huge drama over the fake death of Laxmi (Sapna Thakur) created by Maayi (Sonali Naik). Dhanak has succeeded in catching hold of Laxmi who had escaped from the morgue after killing a nurse.

Later, we also mentioned that during Raghu and Dhanak Saath pheras, Dhanak gets to know of Laxmi confiding to her team about Raghu being the main culprit in the drug deal case. And soon after her marriage, Dhanak is seen putting handcuffs to the entire family, including Maayi and Raghu. Maayi refuses to accept her relationship with Laxmi.

She tells that she only knows Laxmi as Bimla, her childhood friend and nothing more. Raghu also stands in support of his mother, thereby for the first time go against Dhanak.

Now, in the forthcoming drama, they will come out of jail. Soon, Raghu would want to surprise his mother hence he would lock himself in the room.

He would be putting pictures of his mother everywhere in the room and he would want this to be a surprise for her. Soon, Raghu will open the door and her mother would be very emotional.

On the other hand, Maayi will plan to create problems for Dhanak. She will give the Pav Bhaji prepared by Dhanak to few beggars and would cook Kheer for Raghu. However, she will spike it with something and would put the blame on Dhanak.

Will this bring a new drama between Raghu and Dhanak?

We buzzed the actors but they were busy shooting

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