Gathbandhan: Sonali Naik aka Maayi to have a double role
Gathbandhan: Bharat to put Dhanak in major trouble
Gathbandhan: Dhanak brings Raghu’s father home
Gathbandhan: Maayi to create hurdle during Raghu and Dhanak consummation
Gathbandhan: Sanjay Batra enters as Raghu’s father
Gathbandhan: Raghu to save Dhanak’s life 
Gathbandhan: Wedding card drama to embarrass Maya
Gathbandhan: Dhanak to celebrate her first wedding anniversary
Gathbandhan: Raghu to suffer a massive electric shock
Gathbandhan SPOILER ALERT: Dhanak to see goodness in Raghu
Gathbandhan: Maayi sends Maya-Raghu out to make Dhanak jealous
Gathbandhan: Raghu to hand over divorce papers to Dhanak
Gathbandhan: Maayi to bring a new problem for Dhanak 1
Gathbandhan: Arrest of Raghu and Maayi changes Dhanak’s life forever
Gathbandhan: Dhanak knows the truth about Maayi
Gathbandhan: Maayi to plan fake death of Laxmi Gaitonde
Gathbandhan: Maayi to uphold Dhanak’s sincerity at work in a talk with Laxmi
Gathbandhan: Nitin Goswami gets a brief exit with arrest of Tawde