Gathbandhan the Colors show will see an interesting development with Dhanak’s name printed instead of Maya.

Gathbandhan: Wedding card drama to embarrass Maya

Gathbandhan the Colors show produced by Jay Productions has seen intense drama with Maayi (Sonali Naik) and Maya (Pragati Chourasiya) planning various new plots to keep Raghu (Abrara Qazi) and Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) away from each other.

Maya and Dhanak celebrated their birthday and wedding anniversary respectively, but Raghu did not like the fact that Dhanak celebrated their anniversary.

Later on Maya tried to take advantage of the fact that Raghu was drunk on a night and wanted to get closer to him. However that too failed.

In the coming episodes, Maya will want to ascertain her position in Raghu’s life by announcing in the chawl about their wedding. Hence she will ask for the invitation cards to be printed. However when the people will call on Maayi’s number to get the details of the bride and groom before printing, Maya will receive the call.

There will be a bit of confusion post which the wedding card will have Dhanak’s name on it instead of Maya’s. Maya without knowing it, will distribute the cards to one and all in the chawl. Later she will be embarrassed to the core when people will make fun of her, and she will get to know of Dhanak’s name being printed.

Are these indications to Raghu and Dhanak coming closer? What has destiny in store for them?

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