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Gathbandhan the Colors show will see a huge high point with Dhanak succeeding in getting Raghu’s father home.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak brings Raghu’s father home

Gathbandhan the popular Colors show produced by Jay Productions is seeing huge drama over Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) trying to find out the whereabouts of Raghu’s (Abrar Qazi) father.

Well, we at have reported exclusively about veteran actor Sanjay Batra being roped in to play the father of Raghu and husband to Maayi (Sonali Naik).

We now hear of Dhanak coming face to face with the father who actually lives the life of a teacher.

Dhanak will talk to him and will tel him that his son needs him the most and he needs to come back home. The father will be initially reluctant but Dhanak will talk it out to him and will convince him to get home.

As per a reliable source, “Dhanak will come home with the father which will bring in mixed reactions. Maayi will not be happy on her husband’s return. The father will come across as a straight-forward and subdued person who would be into his teaching.”

How will life change for Raghu and his family with the arrival of the father?

We buzzed actors from Gathbandhan but could not get through for comments.

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