Gathbandhan the Colors show will see huge drama with Dhanak realizing the involvement of Maayi along with Laxmi. Read for details.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak knows the truth about Maayi

Gathbandhan the Colors show produced by Jay Productions is witnessing huge drama with Savitri (Sonali Naik) and Laxmi (Sapna Thakur) planning the fake death of Laxmi in order to close the case.

However, Laxmi being alive has killed the nurse at the morgue and has run away.

Now in the coming episodes, the sharp-minded Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) will find clues to Laxmi being Bimla and will also unearth the involvement of Savitri along with Laxmi in the case.

As per a reliable source, “Dhanak will find out that the same bangle that Bimla was wearing was found in Laxmi’s body. She will try to draw a picture of Laxmi’s face being like Bimla’s and will find out the similarity and will understand that Laxmi and Bimla are one. She will also get to know of Savitri’s involvement and will be really upset about the same.”

How will this case change Raghu and Dhanak’s fate?

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comments.

Watch this space for more updates.


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