Gathbandhan the Colors show will see an interesting high point with Maayi talking about Dhanak to Laxmi.

Gathbandhan: Maayi to uphold Dhanak’s sincerity at work in a talk with Laxmi

Gathbandhan the Colors show produced by Jay Productions will see the re-marriage of Raghu (Abrar Kazi) and Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) very soon, the spoiler of which we have already given our readers.

The show recently saw the entry of actress Sapna Thakur in the role of the Lady Don Laxmi Gaitonde.

Laxmi Gaitonde and Maayi (Sonali Naik) go back a long way, wherein the two of them have committed a crime long back. And now Laxmi wishes that Maayi takes the help of her daughter-in-law Dhanak to give them a clean chit being a cop in this matter.

In an upcoming sequence, Maayi will tell Laxmi that Dhanak will not do anything that is against law. She will reveal to Laxmi that Dhanak abides to the police rules and is sincere at her work.

This will shock Laxmi and she will think of a means to corner Dhanak.

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comment.

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