Interesting update in Zee TV show with a good coming into the Kapoor house in Zee TV’s Kaleerein, produced by Triangle Films.

Goon to attack the Kapoor family in Zee TV’s Kaleerein

Zee TV’s Kaleerein (Triangle Films) will now head towards a major high point. The series will see a new track wherein goons will enter Kapoor house to attack Amaya.

A credible source tells us, “A person will enter the house in the disguise of a doctor. He will tell the family that he has come to check Amaya. He would be actually sent by someone to attack Amaya (Nisha Nayak).”

Later, the family will learn about his plan and will hit him. He would feel dizzy but gain consciousness and will hold Dadi at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Nimmo (Ekroop Bedi) will click his picture. They would ask him to leave Dadi but he will push her and manage to escape from the house.

The family will try to catch him but he will run away.

Who was the person? Will Meera (Aditi Sharma) manage to find the culprit?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors for a comment.

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