Loyal viewers of Sony TV’s Dil Hi Toh Hai (Balaji Telefilms) recently witnessed Rithwik (Karan Kundra) and Palak’s (Yogita Bihani) wedding drama.

Now, audience will see Rithwik-Palak facing tough times.

We hear, Rithwik will be disowned by his father and he would have to shift to a small hut along with Palak. The couple will be forced to live a mediocre life. After witnessing this, Riva will come to meet Palak and would offer her a heavy amount so that she leaves her brother Rithwik. Soon, Rithwik will enter and insult Riva and tell her to leave the house.

Fans would witness some emotional moments of Rithwik and Palak.

Meanwhile, Setu (Asmita Sood) will be ill and she will go to consult a doctor wherein she will learn about her pregnancy.

On the other hand, Vikrant (Paras Arora), the new entrant will decide to hire Palak in his company so that he can indirectly seek revenge from Rithwik and his family. However, Palak will be clueless about this drama.

Will Vikrant make their lives miserable?

We buzzed actors but they were busy shooting.