Drama galore in &TV’s Vani Rani

Kavya to attempt suicide in &TV’s Vani Rani

&TV’s Vani Rani (Esselvision Productions) will see some huge drama in the episodes to come with a shattered Kavya (Rashmi Gupta) trying to commit suicide.

As seen so far, Vani’s (Tanvi Azmi) daughter Kavya is pregnant and the guy is not accepting her. It was his plan to make Kavya pregnant. He also made her MMS to blackmail her for money.

Now, Kavya, who is left with no options, will decide to abort the kid. However, the doctor will reject to abort the baby as she is anemic. Hence, Kavya will decide to end her life.

Who will come as her saviour? Will this drastic step change her entire life? Only time will tell.

We tried reaching out to the actors for a comment on the upcoming track but they remained unavailable.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

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